Artist Profile

Alessandra Rossi

Alessandra Rossi was invited to move to Perth from Venice to create paintings and sculpture for the 1998 Festival of Perth, including an extended residency at Claremont School of Art. 

Since then, she has held many solo and group exhibitions at Greenhill Galleries, Gallows Gallery, PICA, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Sculpture at Bathers in Fremantle and for Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe and Bondi. 

In 2011 Rossi was the recipient for the Helen Lempriere Scholarship for sculpture which facilitated a residency, an exhibition at the SVA of New York in 2012 and a book in 2020. In 2018 she was the recipient for the Transfield Australian Invited Artist in Bondi, NSW in 2020 Public Art for Norton Street, Sydney, NSW and in 2021 the Francis Burt Chamber of Perth commissioned her to make a sculpture to celebrate and honour early women members of the chamber.


The thinker



SIZE: 130 X 45 X 35 CM

Price: $13,500.00

This sculpture represents a child holding a ‘thinking pose’: hand under the chin and other arm holding the elbow. The metal frame and the transparency of the glass allows the outside environment to influence the work. Time becomes an important element for this work as is the landscape in which the sculpture sits. This work continues the artist’s exploration and interest in the human figure in relation to nature and technology.