Artist Profile

Anne Grotian

Anne Grotian was born in  Hamburg, Germany. She  completed a Diploma of Engineering, graduating in Fashion-and Textile Design. Since migrating to Australia in 2009, she has been exploring the sculptural qualities of clay. 

Her work starts with the interest in form. There is no difference if it is a form of a horse, head or coiled pot.  The process is generally a long one and there are no shortcuts.

If she is satisfied with the object, the process of refining ideas starts. Through cut outs, laying down and negative space they formulate a new concept.

The work is no longer only ceramic but sculptural through the size and place.

Grotian is scheduled for a solo exhibition in Albany in 2022  and exhibits regularly  in Dunsborough in Sculpture by the Bay.

Her work is held in public and private collections.


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SIZE: 45 X 150 X 50 CM

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For some time Grotian’s studio work has been concerned with developing the form of a spinning top. With the act of super sizing the spinning top is transformed into something monumental and changes its visual impact. The new work looks into movement, dance, playfulness and commedia dell’arte. In times of Covid-19 these ideas are needed. The artist works in figurative sculpture but also as a potter. The spinning tops are made using the ancient technique of coiling.