Artist Profile

Anton “Factotum” Lord

Once described as “an artist trapped in a scientist’s body” Lord has spent the last few years breaking out and applying his day time technical skillset to creating interactive, sculptural forms. 


Equally fascinated with colour and sound, his pieces frequently fuse the power of electronics against the backdrop of nature and have been featured at a number of non-traditional events in isolated or regional parts of the state.


His installations range from large scale light displays to small concealed audio devices.


Beyond this event he hopes to continue to realise his potential in sculpture and increase the level of interactivity in his works. 


This artwork is his first piece featured in a public metropolitan setting.


When not working on an art project he is likely to be found Rangering at an event, installing/ servicing a sound system or DJing somewhere out bush.




MATERIALS: polypropylene drums, ABS plastic case, PVC jacketed copper cable, LED light,

SIZE: 40 x 400 x 400 cm. 

pixelled() is an attempt to bring chroma to the beach and push back the darkness of night. Using thirty 25L water drums, each internally lit with a super bright LED strip, waves of colour, controlled by a microprocessor brain, will form sparkles of intensity, faint hues and a landscape of colour.