Artist Profile

Bruce Abbott

Bruce Abbott is primarily an installation artist focused on the reintroduction of contemporary land based ceremonial practice.

Ephemeral works include grass tree burning ceremonies for Perth International Art Festival among others, Sculpture at Bathers 2017 and 2020 closing ceremony and land artworks in Sculpture by the Sea and Sculpture at Bathers.

Bruce has major permanent sculptural works featured in the Indigenous interpretive garden at Elizabeth Quay.


Lines of communication


Materials: 19th century cast telegraph poles, wire

Size: 400 x 100 x 5000 cm

Price: Not for sale

What once was ground breaking or futuristic inevitably
becomes redundant. The telegraph system, revolutionary in its time, has been twice superseded by telecomm-
unication and internet. A major technological component of colonial armoury, cast steel telegraph poles, beautiful in their own right, connect us to a
bygone era and its associated manufacturing processes.
Salvaged 19th century telegraph poles replicate an original telegraph line. Installed slightly off the vertical with some bases underwater and lines sagging and
broken, the work will challenge our sense of cultural and
technological superiority in a rapidly changing world.