Artist Profile

Gemma Ben-Ary

Born in 1978 in the Pilbara, and now living in the hills of Perth, Ben-Ary’s practice is focussed on feminist theory and contemporary craft. Interested in the expectations placed upon women in society, and in the denial of parts of women’s personalities and bodies that limit their means of self-expression and potential for equality, she references and celebrates traditional women’s work and invisible labour.

Using a variety of materials including charcoal and ink drawing, life drawing, still life, weaving, and basketry, Ben-Ary’s projects and ideas are usually borne through experimenting with materials. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Writing from Edith Cowan University.





SIZE: C 400 X 300 X 300 CM

$3,000 SET OF 3

Price: $3,000.00

Following on from the artist’s interest in immaterial
labour, these three sculptural objects represent the
invisible work carried out by women. Three types of
broomstick from three cultures (Filipino,
Indonesian, British) are used to make structures
that can catch the wind and spin against the sky.
These objects are loaded with many connotations
such as witchcraft, the impact of the industrial
revolution and domesticity.