Artist Profile

Geoff Overheu

Geoff Overheu has been a full time practicing West Australian artist for 14 years, having completed his BA Fine Arts (Hons) at VCA in 2004. He previously farmed for 25 years in the Western Australian wheatbelt. His practice covers sculpture, painting and film and he has exhibited nationally and internationally.

His principal interest has been the romanticisation of the rural landscape and how the difference between perception and reality has affected our culture.

Recent exhibitions include: Sculpture by the Sea, WA 2020, Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Vic 2019, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA 2018, Not Fair, Melbourne 2016, Alice Art Award, NT 2016, Bankwest Art Award, Perth, WA 2016, The Relevance of the Critical Medium, Intellegensia Gallery, Beijing 2014 and Fleurieu Art Prize, South Australia 2013.


The tragedy



SIZE: 210 X 150 X 12 CM

Price: $16,000.00

The world of insects is not only intriguing but sublime – existing within an environment, practically invisible and yet a constant presence, an alien-like beauty inspiring dread and wonder. The ecology of the insect world mirrors our own, on a minute as well as an infinite scale. Using bronze to construct this work memorialises, celebrates and gives a sense of permanency to the transient, while the iconic Corinthian column references ideals of classicism. This work is a question of culture versus environment. What will be the end play of these two momentous, yet seemingly conflicting, realities?