Artist Profile

Jon Tarry

Jon Tarry is a contemporary artist working in sculpture, light and sound. Drawing is central to a practice which ranges from gallery exhibitions to complex architectural work. Recent research explores sound as a generator of complex forms and structures, leading to new work. These reflexive pieces apply computation systems where sound modelling data creates new outcomes, informing the senses. 

Tarry’s practice has engaged with complex relationships between art, music and time-based media platforms.  Recent highlights include: “Dark Mirror White Noise” at the 2016 Perth International Arts Festival, Western Australia, “Processing Sound” at the Loft Kluge Redwood Studio in Los Angeles 2015 and “Interventions” at MDW, St Elmo Fort, Valletta 2014.  

As well as multiple solo shows in Perth and Los Angeles, Tarry has collaborated with musicians in the experimental jazz and independent music scene and is currently working on projects across light, sound art and environment works.  


Sitting out the back – one, two & three


Materials: carbonised Jarrah, recycled olive oil tins

Size: 420 x 50 x 60, 320 x 50 x 60, 220 x 50 x 60 cm

Price: $6,000, $9,000, $12,000

Sitting out the back is a term surfers use for waiting
for the next set. This title has multiple references including to recycled produced timbers and olive
oil tins from local supplier Kakulas Sister. The title is about a way of thinking and being in the world.

As ideas change, the ocean moves at will with the next set break always in a moment of becoming. There is a simplicity in the moves made with these artworks, from acknowledging the life of a tree to deeper layers of geomorphology and history.

Sponsored by Kakulas Sister