Artist Profile

Marian Giles

Marian Giles makes ceramic sculptures exploring a range of themes. For the past eight years she has worked from a studio in Fremantle.

She works predominantly in ceramics at a friendly and relatable scale. Her work has been called ‘narrative ceramics’, as well as ‘intricate and deep’.

She is interested in personal stories, our inner worlds, and the effects of chance and experience in human life – things she finds intriguingly expressed by the mutability and persistence of clay’s interactions with moulds, which are to her an embodiment of the shaping pressures at work in history and in individual lives.

Her work for Sculpture at Bathers 2022, “Greetings from Fremantle”, continues the theme of exploring our contemporary lives and surroundings.


Graffiti Warehouse (Greetings from Fremantle)



SIZE: 11 WORKS – C 12 X 20 X 10 CM EACH

Price: $400 EACH

Greetings from Fremantle is a collection of
contemporary ‘souvenirs’ questioning as well as
celebrating aspects of life in Fremantle – including
graffitied walls, construction sites, vacant shops, as
well as historic buildings, lighthouses, the port and
the beach.