Artist Profile

Melanie Maclou

Melanie Maclou is an international sculptor, public artist and creative practitioner who teaches art to both children and adults.

Melanie has exhibited at Sculpture at Bathers since its inception and is a Sculpture at Bathers committee member.

Her large, organic artworks are inspired by nature and usually incorporate metal, concrete and LED lighting. Melanie enjoys enlarging and abstracting flowers, leaves, pods and nuts to bring attention to the smaller things in life, to encourage people to stop and smell the roses…

Her large floral artworks celebrate the beauty of women. The colourful dancing flowers featured in this exhibition feel the sun and wind on their petals, dance to their own beat and shine.


Wind dancers


MATERIALS: aluminium tube, perforated aluminium plate, LED light

SIZE: 400 x 60 x 60 cm

Price: $45,000 set of 5, or $10,000 each

Dancing flowers feel the sun on their petals and the breeze on their faces. Celebrating their existence by dancing to the rhythms of nature and lighting up at night when the moon comes to play.

Wind Dancer Haiku
Elegant flowers
dancing free, with the summer
salt, sand, sun and sea

Sponsored by Capral Aluminium

single or set
A, B, C, D, E, Set of 5