Artist Profile

Neda Bahremand

Neda Bahremand is an Iranian born artist. She left Iran and lived in Costa Rica in her teens before arriving in Australia as a young woman. Her art addresses connections between her Iranian heritage and her life in Australia as a settled migrant.

Neda believes her Iranian background and culture have had a profound influence on how she views the world. Her memories of childhood in Iran stay with her, like spirits both dark and light. As with many migrants, the puzzles of “what is home?” and “where do I belong?” are not yet resolved. Much of her art reflects these experiences. 

Neda completed her Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at NMTAFE, Perth in 2016. Since then she has been participating in group exhibitions and practising full time at her studio at Artsource in Fremantle, WA.


Ancestral artefact



SIZE: 35 X 34 X 28CM

Price: $3,990.00

Stumbling across the object half buried, we wonder what ancient people left this relic. What were their songs, their loves and their heartaches? How did they live and how did they die? Bahremand’s ancestors are from ancient Iran: who were they? How many mothers and children, and fathers and sons from then until now?
Here in another ancient land surrounded by the presence of another people, their beauty and their tragedy resonates.
Two cultures are connected by the
same ocean. The ocean is time.