Artist Profile

Nic Compton

Growing up in New Zealand and having a Maori heritage, Compton’s work draws on an ancient sensibility. A strong passion for carving natural materials such as timber or stone and creating works that provoke thought, imagination and wonder is his lifelong quest.

Through study and his art practice, Compton demonstrates deep appreciation of the classical styles and of good structure as a strong foundation of sculptural form. Robust structural procedure combined with an ancient expression, and often abstraction, makes for unique and timeless works.
Compton has created numerous works for public art projects, including several in the town of Broome.





SIZE: 160 X 70 X 20 CM

PRICE: $8,500.00

Reclaimed is a piece of the ocean’s flotsam thrown up onto the beach as a giant discarded, decomposing shell. This becomes a home for barnacles and corals, later decomposing,
completely releasing the organisms acquired minerals to be reassembled as new forms of life. A beach house is a place where you might find collected oddities and interesting shells, driftwood or flotsam from fishing boats and other strange and less identifiable objects washed up by the sea or delivered to the shore from the interior.