Artist Profile

Richard Aitken

Richard Aitken is a Perth based artist whose sculptural practice is inspired by uncovering unusual ways to recycle discarded objects. He has a unique visual ability to see artistic opportunities from unwanted materials and fashion them into distinct, creative pieces. 

Since 2013, Richard has been commissioned for artworks and won numerous varied awards using a diverse range of materials and techniques. 

At Castaways Rockingham 2020, his sculpture won the “People’s Choice Award”. This work resonated with the general public, illustrating that there is always a way to beautify a seemingly unattractive waste product.

Richard has endeavoured to follow his organic sense with strong connections to the earth, nature, the country and repurposing. 




Materials: galvanised bed mattress, timber pole, aluminium fish

Size: 220 x 150 x 150 cm

Price: $6,500

Shimmer showcases the inventive ways of Aitken’s artistic thinking in creating sculptures from recycled materials. A bed mattress is an interesting object found discarded on many property verges. Its winding springs have been a curiosity that has initiated some innovative ideas on how to reuse this redundant consumable. The fish inserted into the mattress springs are designed to wiggle even in the slightest of breezes. This constant movement means the piece consistently changes in the light. Every aspect is unique as the fish independently ‘flash’, much like the fish in a bait ball you see in the ocean.