Fremantle Ports Proudly Supporting Sculpture at Bathers in 2020

Fremantle Ports are supporting the creation of a large-scale artwork during the Sculpture at Bathers 2020 exhibition and the public can participate!

You may have already seen the installation taking shape on the shoreline at Bathers Beach.  It is a seawall made with hessian sandbags forming a 20 metre diameter circle which interacts with the tides.

The ephemeral work, conceptualised by artist Bruce Abbott, reflects environmental themes relating to climate change and sea-level rise.

Community participation in the formation of the installation involves filling sandbags and contributing to the physical construction of the seawall over the course of the exhibition, deconstructing the seawall after the final closing ceremony, and leaving no trace other than an enduring record of the event via time-lapse video.  The community are also invited to participate in the ceremonial aspect of the work.

The completed installation will form the centrepiece of the Karla Nulla Boodja Wardarn, a sunset ceremony honouring Fire, Earth and Sea which will take place from 6pm on Sunday, 1st March.

The concept has been developed by Sculpture at Bathers in consultation with the City of Fremantle and the Department of Transport.