Key change for Lucy – Greg James


YEAR: 2022

MATERIALS: bronze, stainless steel fixing

SIZE: 45 x 150 x 50 cm


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This work is inspired by the story of the artist’s 3rd great
grandparents. William and Lucy arrived from England,
at the southern tip of Manjaree (Bathers Beach), currently
known as Anglesea Point, on the 23 August 1829, on the
Marquis of Anglesea. The ship was pushed onto the rocks
in a gale resulting in the loss of cargo and personal
belongings including the Glover’s piano. Having survived
the shipwreck, Lucy miraculously found their cherished box
piano on the beach the following morning. This work
recognises the many settlers who arrived with little, as
indentured servants in a strange new land.