Seated nude dreaming – Fiona Gavino


YEAR: 2021

MATERIALS: upcycled plastic packing strapping, cane

SIZE: 55 x 62 x 60 cm

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Seated nude dreaming is a reworking of a
2D piece titled ‘On the banig we dream’,
a banig being a woven sleeping mat
traditionally used in the Philippines.
This three dimensional free formed
sculpture references Picasso’s Seated
Nude (1909-10). For many years Gavino
has been exploring the idea of
bifurcated surfaces with her woven
forms, giving static objects an
appearance of fluidity and movement.
The plastic packing strapping is woven
using a technique known as whiti
(plaiting) widely used in both Maori and
Filipino weaving traditions and when
working in this way she is paying
homage to her grandfather.